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Who should sign up for the Co-create your Business workshop

  • Anybody interested in setting up a new business
  • Entrepreneurs looking to optimise their business

Together with fellow entrepreneurs you will learn ‘Lean Methods’ used by Startups all over the world. Be able to practically test your assumptions and and write hypothesis for your product which you can learn from. By co-creating in groups you will discover new insights and share solutions to the challenges that all businesses face.

We will show and teach you new digital tools so that you can work faster, share easier and reach your targets more efficiently.

Note: Co-creation is shared economy concept, learn while doing as a group. Co-creation is as much about social intelligence as it is about intellectual intelligence. We hope to see you soon!

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Co-create your Lean Canvas

Setting up your Lean Canvas is the first step towards creating insights for your new or existing business. By sharing that canvas you will gain different perspectives.  By working in groups we will co-create each others businesses: fresh ideas, live customer feedback and an exploration of your product from a completely different skill set.

The pitfalls of trying to keep your ideas to yourself will also be discussed, from personal experience.

Format:  In teams of 2 or 3 people, you will co-create your Lean Business Canvas. (Reason) In Workshop One we will draw straws to see who gets a group review. (Play)


The power of Lean

Armed with a first design of your Lean Canvas, it’s time to create tests. A specific goal is added and the test performed in the correct channel. Every decision in your canvas can be tested, rather than being based on assumption or opinion. Discovering where we are going wrong can be the most valuable learning experience.  Based on test results, you can evaluate risk and prioritise segments in your canvas.  Most importantly, through the process of the workshop you will learn how to co-create. A skill that can be carried over into many aspects of life, not just your business.

Test Format: A test can be a landing page, a squeeze page, a leaflet, a word of mouth experiment, an interview, and much much more. Together we will investigate these within the workshop.


Meet Co-Entrepreneurs

As a pilot program, Startup Ibiza is testing how far entrepreneurs are willing to go in sharing their ideas, knowledge and information. Your fellow co-entrepreneur can also be your potential client. So our hypothesis we are testing is: “If entrepreneurs open up the development of their company they will gain more knowledge and maximise their chances of success”.

Test Format: Pilot of 3 workshops. 3 hours each. Offline, preferably in a natural outdoor location.



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Startup Ibiza online membership

To run alongside this Pilot program, Startup Ibiza will provide online support through articles, worksheets and real life problem/solution video’s.

Membership to Startup Ibiza includes full access to our personal and online resources: How to create your quality client list, How to land your next big client, How to use the best digital tools, but also use simple offline planning tips.

Participants in the Workshop will receive reduced price membership to Startup Ibiza


A Natural Outdoor Location

We believe that the most productive working environment doesn’t have to be in an office. Our first workshop will take place completely offline, no computers, phones or distractions in a beautiful outdoor setting.

This will help you focus, and will set a inspiring and creative informal environment, to get the best ideas for your lean business canvas.

The surprising thing about a Lean Canvas is that tangible results appear very quickly. Like others before you, after only the first workshop you will already have gained considerable insight into your company, and will leave with a fresh aspect on your business.


Your Input Matters

As this is a co-creation workshop it would be very strange if you did not have influence on shaping it’s content. The core of Startup and Lean principles is set, but the subject area’s you want to sharpen as an entrepreneur are open for debate.

Below I have created the initial format for the workshops, if you find something is missing, please let me know, when you sign up.



Co-create and learn how to use your Lean Business Canvas (teams of 2/3)

A fast review of each other canvasses.

Indepth review of one Lean Canvas (By straw selection)

Identify the work and To Do’s in your canvas / Start building your client base.

Part 1
Review the To Do’s from last week. (Perhaps some of you continued at home)

Part 2
Write Falsifiable Hypothesis and setup tests.

Part 3
Setting up the tests

Homework: Carry out the tests

Part 1
Review the tests results

Part 2
Adjust your tests and Lean Canvas, based on test results

Part 3
Discuss how we are going to continue the sessions online. Skype sessions, worksheets, setting goals, etc.


  • 3 pilot workshops of 3 hours each (Great value for money)
  • Price €180,-*
  • Learn to learn while doing

* This low pilot price is to test the program, and to get a feel for the subject you want to learn.

+Shape and review the workshop every session and give input for online content.


After the workshops we will do a test online, to give you business support through email, videos, articles and worksheets.

For  €20 p/month you will have access to Startup Ibiza social space and online resources  / best practises / full email support. A discount code will be issued at the first workshop


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