Startup Ibiza goes Amsterdam

Talented freelancer or Entrepreneur? Signup today.

Talented freelancer or Entrepreneur?

The Season in Ibiza is starting up it’s engines. People are becoming busy, or are already. It’s time for Startup Ibiza to promote the Startup Ibiza platform in Amsterdam. Startup Ibiza aims for a talented network of professionals on the Island. Goal is to get the Creative scene and the Creative Agencies of Amsterdam involved.

Startup Ibiza has 3 goals – This summer season –

1. Promote Startup Ibiza to Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Agencies
2. Raise funding for the platform through a select network of Creative Agencies and investors
3. Raise funding for a co-creation space on both ends. (Connecting the creative scene of Ibiza and Amsterdam)
4. Setup co-creation events on both sides.

Who should sign up?
People who want to grow as an individual and as freelancer / entrepreneur. Who see entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.

Startup Ibiza is the Community Test Environment for co-creation. What better sketchbook than the creative and beautiful Island of Ibiza.

Are you, or do you know a talented freelancer?
If you want to be indexed and promoted to Creative Agencies in Amsterdam, please signup today. Please write your motivation in your profile, and we start selecting the talented members this summer. Portfolio review by creative- and art-directors from Amsterdam. Give your best, and we will organize co-creation sessions at the end of the summer season 2015 in Amsterdam & Ibiza.

Party scene closed, open for business.


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