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Startup Ibiza members are incredibly diverse, from startup enthusiasts, freelancers and artists, to small businesses and large multinationals. The thing that brings us together is an entrepreneurial spirit, and the internal drive to create. The desire to learn, cross-pollinate, co-work and co-create. Together, we are empowered to achieve more, than we ever could on our own. Play is our lifestyle.

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Our goals:

  • We focus on teaching and learning co-creation for the purpose of co-creating content, projects, brands and companies.
  • We support freelancers, businesses & startups through articles, workshops, co-creating business and co-creation masterclasses.
  • We select the best in our network on becoming Co-creation Experts
  • We are pro-actively going to contact brands and show them the advantage of co-creation. (Every company needs a co-creation/entrepreneurial mindset in the future)
  • We promote new ways of working to individuals and companies. Where reason and play is in good balance. (Slowly removing old hierarchy models and introduce Holacracy & Co-creation)
  • We grow a network of Freelance creatives, Entrepreneurs & Coaches based talent & skill.
  • We support all co-working spaces on the island of Ibiza.
  • We co-creation interior, offline and online tools and workshops for everyone interested.
  • We bring co-creation solutions to every co-work space interested.
  • We will create the first Co-creation Primer. Made with the insights of the Startup Ibiza community and their projects.


Please let us know what you think. We will respond to your message as soon as possible. Have a great day! The Startup Ibiza Team.


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