Join the Startup Ibiza network of freelancers, get indexed and promoted. Use the community to improve your work, and get rated in the process. Learn while doing takes courage, but we believe it’s the next step in freelance evolution.


New on the island, or want to improve your business with Lean & Startup principles. Startup Ibiza is for you. We help new and existing Startups gaining more business success. In the process we hook you up with the finest production team available.


Want to build your startup in the creative environment of Ibiza. Startup Ibiza will setup the knowledge, freelance and support network. Setting up the lean and co-creation workshops/spaces for your Startup to florish.

Coaches, Co-creation instructors, Teachers & Mentors

Finding a quality coach can be hard. For personal support or for employee assessment or support. Startup Ibiza tries to identify great coaches and methods during workshops and co-creation sessions. A great balance between your private life, and work can be achieved by aligning your passion and work ethos. Do you think you can the people in the Startup Ibiza Network, please become a member.

Creative Agencies

Startup Ibiza will investigate the work methods of Creative Agencies this summer. We also will talk to employees, freelancers and other involved around creative agencies. Setting up flexible teams for each assignment is the goal, while incorporating co-creation principles in the mix.

Startup Ibiza believes Creative Agencies will have to role of supporting their brands in future work method development and new business development. The customer is in charge of your brand identity today, so you better team up.


Are you interested as a brand and want to help us forge the creative co-creation network of Ibiza. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Every small project can help us in forging the (remote) work methods of the future. The only thing we know is that every Brand needs an entrepreneurial mindset in the future.


Startup Ibiza was founded by Niels Kijf. New work methods which make clients, employees and freelancers happier was his mission. He gave several co-creation workshops and presentation about Startup Ibiza on the island of Ibiza and the results are really promising. Startup Ibiza is probably one of the few long-term project on the island and focusses on the creative scene. For 2015-2016 Startup Ibiza is looking for founding for the small team setting up the network and tools. If you are interested please contact us, using the envelope in the lower right-hand corner.


Co-create Your Business Workshop

Start co-creating your new lifestyle business. With personal support and through co-creation we will create the lifestyle you want, while doing what you want. You can start pursuing your dream lifestyle starting with only 4-hours a week, because slow change is good change.

Co-creation Workshop

Co-creation is a return to very human values that intuitively seem right. Within a co-creation project true creativity can flow, and the results are better, because of the different perspectives.

This workshop is included in the Co-create Your Business workshop.

Lifestyle Business

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, being a slave to your company is not. Lifestyle Business is a workshop which will teach you, you can set goals for yourself and your business, and perhaps even that day off, during the week.

The biggest problem of entrepreneurs is the feeling they have to do it all themselves to do it properly. Most of the time they -you- are too busy to objectively, look for solutions.  This fuels false perception and we will teach you how can surpass your judgement.

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The mailinglist “THE FUTURE OF WORK” written and moderated by Startup Ibiza is investigating the tools and methods used by Startups, Entrepreneurs, Brands and Freelancers, to shape new ways of innovation and creation.

At it’s core a community which uses co-creation, shared economy-, startup and lean principles, to co-create projects in teams.

Startup Ibiza will investigate temporary companies and co-creation dreamteams and the environment/spaces needed to create your best teamwork, both offline and online.

This summer the main goal is to shape the Startup Ibiza network with talented freelancers. If we succeed in building this network, we will ask Brands to use the creative power on the island to co-create projects upcoming winter. The ultimate dream team for each project.

We focus on tangible business in the pre- and high-reason, and shift our focus to brands and startups in the tail of the season / winter.

Slowly building a Startup Winter season.

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Services for Entrepreneurs

The advantages of signing up are huge:

  • Use proven Lean & Startup principles to build a rock-solid company
  • Meet fellow entrepreneurs and learn while doing
  • Access to the finest freelancers on the Island
  • Printshop & Internet services overview
  • Need extra capacity, we probably can help out
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Niels Kijf

Become a better freelancer

Startup Ibiza will create content on how to become a better freelancer. Will index new and existing entrepreneurs and businesses on the island. Index and promote co-working spaces.

So you gain:

  1. Access to a support network of like-minded freelancers
  2. Tools, articles, worksheet and checklist to optimize your work
  3. Learn how to become a better freelancer by doing.
  4. Get people involved in your work process in early stages.
  5. Don’t feel alone when you face a problem.
  6. Access to network events
  7. Shape startup ibiza together
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Please let us know what you think. We will respond to your message as soon as possible. Have a great day! The Startup Ibiza Team.


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